When a world-leading school's print collateral doesn't quite measure up, it's time to start at square one. My brief was to develop and write a 28-page viewbook that would take design and copy cues from our This Is My Year campaign (see it here) and blow it out into a captivating print experience that inspires action, alongside an interactive extension at vfs.edu/MyYear.
Copy: Jeff Morris
Design: MAKe (makeisawesome.com)
Photo by Arcelia Ocaña
The viewbook starts big, by asking the prospective student, "Who do you want to be?" Then we put a face to the experience by spotlighting alumni and their backstories, and finally reveal the sights, sounds, and benefits of a VFS education. Rhythm and flow was something I spent a lot of time thinking about in the conceptual stages.
As we near the end of the book, we really get down to brass tacks. For parents or students who will be paying their own way through school, we explore the ROI of a VFS education.
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